About Us

About Us

 Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.
 Praise be to God, the Creator, who created man and expanded his mind and gave him the power to think and observe.  And today man is making great progress by using the power of his mind and as long as he uses his brain in goodness then he is in every way progressing and if he misuses his brain apparently  So it is in progress but it is in deficit.
 I hope our customers will be happy and well. We welcome you to our hospitality.
 The name of this information website is NewsMe.
 My introduction:
 My name is Kamran 'Ali Haideri'. I am a student of this world. And the purpose of this site is to provide you with accurate information about the world.
 Has gained information from this world and thank God with this information I have empowered the hidden circles inside me and today I am also a youtuber, a web developer, an app developer, and a freelancer.  We have tried to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information (news). If you have any opinions or views about our website, you can give them in the comments section of this website.  ۔  And for more contacts and friendships, follow us on social media. Become a part of our Facebook community by following our Facebook(My Best Entertainment) page. And follow us on(Kamran Haidry) Instagram. And follow us on Twitter(Kamran Haidry).  If you would like to contact us by e-mail for further contact, you can contact us at this e-mail. You must subscribe to our youtube channel(ALi Haidry TV) to further increase this friendship. And this website  Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We hope you have read about us and know us well and will give us a good response.
 Your host:
 Kamran 'Ali Haidari'

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