Shahab Saqib: Shahabi rock in Indonesia which could not be sold for 18 1.8 million

 Shahab Saqib: Shahabi rock in Indonesia which could not be sold for 18 1.8 million

Shahab Saqib: Shahabi rock in Indonesia which could not be sold for 18 1.8 million

The news made headlines around the world.  A meteorite broke through the roof of a house in a village in Indonesia.  People think it's worth millions of dollars and maybe that person's life will change forever.

 The idea was that it could cost close to 18 1.8 million and that this person could become a billionaire overnight.  It was also thought that if he did not become a billionaire, he might sell it cheaply to an American buyer.

 But none of that came true.  This meteorite is not worth millions of dollars and no one deceived this person.  Not all dreams come true as everyone thought.

 A stone falls on the house from space ...

 Let's repeat this story again.  True or fictional, it's amazing to think.

 Joshua Hotgaling, a resident of a village on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is a coffin maker by profession

 In August, he was busy with his work when he heard a loud noise in the house.  A few seconds later, something hit the house and made a lot of noise.

 At first, Joshua was so scared that he didn't even want to see what it was.  Then they saw that this unknown object, with its speed and force, broke through the metal roof and entered and sank 15 cm into the ground.

They dig out a small rock that weighs two kilograms.

 "It was still hot when I picked it up," he told the BBC Indonesia service.

 At that moment, I thought that what I was carrying was probably a meteorite from heaven.  It was impossible for anyone to throw such a big stone on the roof of a house.

 It doesn't happen every day that a rock falls from the sky on your roof.  So Joshua posted on Facebook about his amazing experience.  The news spread from Sumatra and Indonesia to the rest of the world.

 Meteors are ancient and rare rocks that fall to earth suddenly and accidentally from space.

 There is a lot of interest in them in the world of science.  They seek answers to questions such as where they came from, what they are made of, and what they tell us about the universe.

 Also, many people are interested in collecting them.  Meteors may be more than four billion years old, even larger than our world.  So it is understandable why there is so much interest in them.

 The people who collected them became interested in the Joshua stone and wanted to buy it from them.  But in August, a global outbreak of the corona virus spread, businesses closed and it became difficult to get a flight to Indonesia.

 Potential buyers contacted Jared Collins, an Indonesian colleague from the United States, who, like him, was interested in collecting meteors.  He asked Jared for help.

 So Jared went to Sumatra and met Joshua.  They inspected the meteorite, confirmed it and tried to keep it in a better position.  For example, waterlogging could cause the meteor to deteriorate quickly.

 The American citizen told the BBC this week: "It is a wonderful opportunity to hold a stone in your hand, one of the remnants of the early stages of the creation of our universe.

I immediately saw a distinctive black inner part, and a light khaki outer part. '

 "It has a special fragrance that cannot be described in words."

 Then one day an American buyer and Joshua agreed on the price and the meteor was sold, in which Jared contacted the two.

 Both sides insisted that the amount kept secret was correct and that no one was being harmed in the deal.  However, this amount was far from the headline estimates.

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