Terrorist attacks on the Pak Army and the naughty people! (MIR AFSAR AMAN

Terrorist attacks on the Pak Army and the naughty people!

Terrorist attacks on the Pak Army and the naughty people!Newsme1.com

Terrorist attacks on the Pak Army and the naughty people!  (MIR AFSAR AMAN
Pakistan's Azad enemy India has increased terrorism in Balochistan, after the defeat of his pet terrorist, nationalist and fascism Altaf Hussain in the Karachi and defeat the FATA of his pro-nationalist Afghanistan. Every day our military is being martyred. During the terrorism, our Maya Nazi soldiers have been martyred to the soldiers from Zahidulasin and military journals. His testimony was said to Karachi, FATA but also the roots of terrorism in the entire country. We should remember that terrorism was spread in Pakistan.ad here 

So far terrorism was in another country, so the country would have been over yet. Pakistan is a shadow of Allah Almighty on the Taliban Madina state that he will always be set up. In this house The Pakistani army is less than the Pakistani army in terminating terrorism. Our army's young people are martyred due to the Indian's war on the day-to-day control. Our army should remembered the head of the Pakistan nation in the world by answering the courage of India's air strike. We will remember the ideological and groundwater border! You are the Pakistani nation! We also know that the soldiers are also part of our culture.
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We also know that the soldiers are also part of our culture.newsme1.com
 They have so many problems as we are in our people. If any mistake or any family members of the family member is accompanied by us, we should abstain from the entire army to break. We should also remember that our enemies are not tolerance of our brave army, our Islamic Pakistan and nuclear power. Attentively, because India has more than a thousand years of age. Now he is dreaming to rule over Muslims. For India, India and Israel can help our integrated integrated by East India. In some of our politicians, we have been doing any range of secularism. Nationalist parties have been adopted by supporting nationalism in Pakistan. Now according to the vision of Qadri, the Islamic identity and safety of Pakistan, especially the party, especially Jamaat-e-Islami or the belief is a free army of the organization.
India has taken a campaign to be a banned for the army of secular political parties and nationalist parties for a period of time. The poppy army of the army was also planted on the ocean. PPP's Haqqani Haqqani, Memo Gate support and brick brick, Zardari, army and judiciary, who was not made by Nawaz Sharif, who did not make any Pakistani military head.The nationalist of the border, Sindh and the poor of the Bible, had always opened the front of the Pak Army on the head of India. Piye Khan, GM Syed, after the Baloch chiefs, Pushians have been accusing the army. If Pakistan's political governments arrest the army against separatists in Karachi, FATA and Balochistan. If the army operates, the terrorists are killed. They are happy to say the Pak Army. We should be able to get it. It should also be known about the evil propaganda on the army that where the drainages are being filled with. Jamaat-e-Islami had given the Youths of the Human and Al-Border organizations to save East Pakistan. Bhutto, Mujib and India did not end the old rippery and did not propagate against each other. Pakistan also recognized Bangladesh. Pakistan also forgot forgiveness from his Bengali brothers. If so much after the period of India, Nazariah Hussain Wajid, in India, the Hajai Wajid, in the Bangladesh, the party was redeemed on execution through fake judicial tribunals on the leaders of Islam. On the oppressor, the army nor Nawaz Sharif government opened the language. On the big abusive Jamaat-e-Islami never opened the army against the army. Neither did their people allow it. Because the Pak Army is a guardian of the Pakistani nation. It is respected to Pakistan citizens. The contemporary party belongs to Islamic. We only reminded them to a single column of the army brothers, that the presence of the occasion was present, "Whoever will make a victorious and" al-Ahmad, "the welfare is the protector of Pakistan." Our part of a national body is. It is respect to us.
Some unbelievable Pakistani friends do not have the fact that there are. On the small men, open the front of your army against social army on social media. Job Khan, Aurakh Khan, Zia ul Haq and Pervezshraf was all general wrong. Those who stopped the rock and path of the democracy. What kind of candidate in all this army? Now if a Colonel's wife does not follow the track of laws and should be proceeding according to the law. A video of viral in the media media controversy from the traffic police on the duty.here
 The woman is saying that I am Colonel's wife so much introduction. Do not waste time. Removed obstacle .Huto barrier, I went to the goal and the police officer, and took the car by removing the deadly tracking police. Police are giving this woman with great respect. Well, the Colonel's wife made a mistake. Traffic against it should be a matter of security against the law. What is the slaughter of all the army? Now the unmarried friends increased the front of the entire army on social media and increasing the social media. A sin took the general queen to the Azerbaijan. Someone pointed out to the secret agency that the video maker will be a lesson of the innocent people. The person puts a cartoon posting tuning. Traffic police officer stands with a traffic vehicle in hand. The post is written that "you are not a soldier, neither a military officer relative. How can you say that you are a respected citizen "Is it giving a change of a woman's mistake by taking a mistake of his mother-in-law to the angel nation?Terrorist attacks on Pak army and mischievous people should not happen. We have to fix Pakistan We should take Pakistanis to their own enemies on India, from the rise in small fatty mistakes of the person, and the abortion of Pakistan's external enemies and the outskirts of Pakistan's ideological and ground borders should be respected. Prayer is that God protects our Pakistan from Karona viruses and enemies.

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