Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Decision to not make new taxes in the next budget

Decision to not make new taxes in the next budget

Decision to not make new taxes in the next budget.

Islamabad: Economic Contact Committee (ECC) has decided that a new tax will be noted in the next budget presented a few days later. The Elecher's Testimony was held by the Empowerment of Abdul Hafeez Shaykh. The advisor said the trend will be reduced to a thousand five hundred billion rupees due to corona.Ad here 

Due to negative guru, domestic remote will reduce. Al-Aziz Shaykh said that the government did not take any loan from the State Bank in the current financial year and the revenge will not be collected next year. The Mashravah Dajhanif Ali, said that the present situation is preparing and preparing new budget by place of present. He said that the universities in the tax recovery are despite, the government will make all the sides of the tips on the tips. He said that the economic measures have been taken to eliminate the difficulties. Advisor Treasure Hafeez Sheikh said in a statement that our exports have been severely damaged due to corona. The advisor treasure said that GDP will increase but now it will be a half percent. Advisor Tajik Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said that the export was increasing and the rupee was also strong. Our attempt was that we could create jobs opportunities but can not get goals due to coronary virus. The remaining financial year budget will be presented on June 12. There are reports that the economy has been decided to reduce budget goals due to harmony due to corrosion viruses and has been cut off on budget tips given by federal ministries.
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