Thursday, June 18, 2020

Common Mistakes Made While Using Face Masks That Can Be Expensive

 Common Mistakes Made While Using Face Masks That Can Be Expensive

Common Mistakes Made While Using Face Masks
Corona virus: has wreaked havoc in many countries of the world while the number of infected people in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Experts are emphasizing the use of masks while it has been made mandatory in Pakistan as well.

According to the details, the research of McMaster University of Canada has presented such evidence in which the common face mask made of cloth has been found to be beneficial for the prevention of corona virus.

Preference is given to masks that use several layers of cotton cloth, which help prevent virus particles from spreading into the environment.

Many of us make mistakes while wearing masks, which can be costly for us later.
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1) Keep the mask loose on the face:

Keep the mask loose on the face
Many people make the mistake of keeping the mask loose instead of wearing it properly, as it easily spreads the virus to the face, which can make us sick and cause corona.

2) Do not wash the mask thoroughly:
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Do not wash the mask thoroughly
Medical experts recommend washing cloth masks in a washing machine, if this is not possible, then wash them thoroughly at least once.

3) Cover the nose well:

Cover the nose well
"We usually inhale through the nose and can transmit viral particles into the body through inhalation, if you are already a victim of Code 19 and wear a mask," said Thomas Russo, head of the epidemiology department at the University of Buffalo in the United States. If you just cover your mouth, during sneezing, viral particles can spread through the nose into the air, ie you must cover your nose with a face mask.

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