Wednesday, June 24, 2020

5 ancient frauds that still plague people today --- you may not be able to escape because!

  • 5 ancient frauds that still plague people today --- you may not be able to escape because

People have been the victims of various forms of fraud for thousands of years - even in modern times there are many types of fraud that have been going on since ancient times and are not new - but even today people fall prey to them. The main reason for this is that sometimes a person falls prey to greed which makes him a victim of these frauds. So if you want to be safe from these frauds, do not fall into any kind of greed and the facts. Be sure to keep an eye on-
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Internet Fraud

The Internet was invented in 1971, but it was not for everyone at the time. Access to the Internet for the average user was made possible in 1983. For the past 50 years, people have been connected to the Internet and have not been in touch with their friends. They also learn new things - sadly, more than 50 people have been using the Internet to deceive others - the FBI received more than 300,000 complaints of Internet fraud in 2017. - More than 4 1.4 billion was stolen from people during these frauds.
The death of a family member is a painful and emotional time. It is very painful for anyone to try to return the bereaved family. Fraud that still plagues people today Unfortunately, there have been cases in which attempts have been made to rob or rob the relatives of the deceased - these fraudsters are often seen claiming that the deceased had borrowed money from them. There is a very emotional time for the family which is why they usually fall prey to this deception.
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Although many people plan their life after retirement, most people do not manage their life savings properly - fraudsters take advantage of this opportunity and often benefit the elderly. Introduce a comprehensive savings plan or scheme which shows huge profits. Basically, these people do not get caught easily even after controlling the money or they keep tricking the victims by using various tricks
Anti-Aging Products
The victims of this fraud are often middle-aged women - fraudsters offer products to these women that can make them look younger - that is, products that prevent the effects of aging that you can use to make your real self. They may look younger. In fact, these creams do not do any good, on the contrary, they contain dangerous chemicals that can further harm you.
Real Estate Fraud
Most people spend their lifetime savings to buy the best home but fall victim to fraud and this is a very sad moment - the biggest fraud in buying and selling property is done by the agents who buy and sell it. Fraud that still plagues people today Sometimes these people sell land or a house at a low price through a fake document which is completely illegal to sell.
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