Tuesday, June 30, 2020

153 points reduction in the Pakistan stock market

153 points reduction in the Pakistan stock market

153 points reduction in the Pakistan stock market
KARACHI: The lack of 153 points was recorded at the beginning of the business in the Pakistan stock market. There is a blanket trend in the stock market on Thursday on the fourth day of the week. Business in the SEE index began on 34 thousand 401 points. Ad here
The index began to be in the positive zone and started selling 100 index 34 thousand 410 points with the increase in 9 points, but this increase could not be longer and even soon trained in the market negative zone. During the initial one hour, the ECE 100 index was recorded and the index was recorded on 34 thousand 246 points. During the business in the year, the ES 100 index of business during the business in 20085,097 shares, which is worth 905,707,263 worth of Pakistani rupees. On Tuesday, the stock market was stronger in the market and the end of the business ended in the SE 100 index, 38688 levels were at the level of 34,000. The first day of the business week, the stock market was in positive zone and 100 index increased 90 points to the surface of 34,000. It is also started to improve the stock market after the economic activities restore economic and the index has been stressed on continuous improvement. Last week, the end of the business was also a blow trend in the stock market, but the end of the business was in the negative zone, but before the 14th points on Thursday was on the thursday.
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